At GDR, we got onboard with genomics to maximize the genetic potential of our own herd. Instead of milking more cows, we wanted to be milking the best cows. Seeing the potential of genomics in action in our herd, we expanded our efforts to deliver increased profit potential to dairymen with herds of all sizes.

We're the respected industry leader in genomic herd-management and breeding innovation. Whether you're looking for elite animals, wish to maximize your production quality and capacity or are seeking greater volume of embryos for herd building, we're a leader in the numbers game.

The application of advances in genomics permits you to exceed the potential of traditional breeding practices so you can build a stronger herd faster. With access to stats now, you don't have to wait three years to see how an animal performs. The efficacy of IVF and embryo transfer and the value of genomics in predicting animal and herd performance with greater accuracy than ever before allows you to accelerate genetic gains and propel your herd management efforts forward.